Eberstadt is first mentioned in an endowment to Lorsch monastery in the Lorsch codex. Later on Eberstadt belonged to Arnsburg monastery and Münzenberg and was sold to the Counts of Solms-Lich in the 15th century.
To the monastery belonged the so called "Pfaffenhof" (priests farmyard), which has been in use from 1529 onwards. The half-timbered house was build under the abbot Robert Kolb in 1698, the present farmyard in 1757 under abbot Antoni.
In Eberstadt one can find an extraordinary number of half-timbered houses, quite often with an adjacent gate, which are at times within the building. The old vicarage, Butzbacher Strasse 3, shows an inscription, which translated reads: "Father Peter Abbot Arnsburgensis".
The house "Butzbacher Straße 10" was built in 1696, the gatehouse had been built in the 18th century.
The house "Steinstraße 3" hasa good number of symbolic ornaments from the year 1703, the gate dates from 1768.
There is an interesting former school building in the "Münzenberger Strasse", which has a curved entrance area.

Protestant church

In the 14th century there was a village church already, its unknown there, where exactly it was located. The present hall church was erected in 1692 - 1693 in Baroque style. Remarkable is the church tower with its curved top.
Inside the baroque pulpit is worth noticing.