In de Middle Ages Muschenheim was an assize village for the surrounding villages Bettenhausen, Birklar, Arnsburg and the former village Wetter. It is first mentioned in the 8th century.

Protestant church

The origins of the church dates back to the romanesque era (ealry 13th century), the gate of the church yard is from 1767, the top of the church tower from 1750. The church was dedicated to St. Nikolaus and is mother church to the churches of the above mentioned villages. Originally the church had a nave only with no side aisles, but tower and apsis. Attaching the north side aisle it became a basilica. The tower rises above the square choir and holds three bells form the years 1300, 1770 and 1784.

Interesting houses

The half-timbered house "Hessengasse 13" was erected in 1632, its gate in 1768. The house "Alter Rathausplatz 14" has a typical window oriel, the house "Pfarrgarten 12" once had been a mill of Arnsburg monastery.
On the rightt side of the road to Eberstadt is the "Berger Mühle", which until the secularisation was a tenure of the monastery. On the other side of the road once was the roman fort "Alteburg". For a brief time benedictine monks from Siegburg settled here from 1152 on.