NFC in Lich

At many places of interest in Lich one can find NFC (combined with QR-codes), which can be scanned by owners of smartphones, thus getting an instant description of the buildings and sites with this online-townguide.

Some information about NFC

The abbreviation "NFC" means "Near-Field-Communication". Modern smartphones, that have this technology built in, can receive data from NFC-chips in a distance of some centimeters.
NFC is used in cards of banc accounts and more. In the near future it will be possible to pay with NFC as well as transfer data and much more.
The first NFC-compatible smartphone was sold in 2008.

In Lich NFC-reception is directly at the QR-codes. If one holds ones smartphone close to the QR-code the respective webpage will oen immediately.

More information about NFC: